Jason Manfords Pet Hates: Call Centre Passwords

I came across some funny content on YouTube this week from of my favourite comedians Jason Manford.  In a series of short topical video clips, he has described comical everyday situations.

One thing I dread is having to ring call centres, it doesn’t matter what it is for I find the whole process such an annoyance.  First the multiple push button options to get you ‘through to the right person’ who invariably turns out to be the wrong person who then has to put you through to someone else who then cuts you off and then arghhhh!  The thought of going though those push buttons again is enough to drive a man CRAZY!

So you finally get to the ‘right person’ first question they ask you if for your account number, which I never know so I then have to go through all of the security questions.  I swear there are interrogations by foreign regimes that probe less than some of these call centres do.  A pet hate of mine when calling banks in particular is ‘can you tell me the amount of a recent card transaction on your account?’  No is my normal answer so I am then asked for my security password…

Anyway it seems that I am not the only one as Jason has featured the dreaded call centre passwords in his latest comedy short which you can watch above.

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