The Men’s Guide to Buying Slim Jean Shorts

mens denim shorts

When the temperatures finally start to rise (yes weather, we’re waiting) we’ll all be faced with the familiar task of rooting past our winter gear to dig out the clothes we put into winter hibernation.

For us men it means finding our T shirts and shorts so we’re ready for barbecues, pub gardens and holidays. But, this is also a time of year when it often dawns on us that our spring/summer wardrobe is a bit lacking. That faded, tatty and ill-fitting hotpotch of horrors from last year may well need an upgrade – but where to start?

How about a decent pair of jean shorts? These beauties can easily do the job of their long-legged autumn/winter bedfellows and be a comfortable and smart part of any outfit. Buying the best pair for you means considering two aspects: the shorts themselves and what to pair them with to make a decent outfit.

Shopping for your shorts

First things first, shopping for slim jean shorts doesn’t narrow your options. Take a look at the Superdry jeans section, for example. There are dark, light and coloured options. The washed pink and blue denim shorts show how jean shorts can be a real alternative to chinos.

Any of these options can work and the only real thing you need to consider is the length. On the knee is fine but if you’re to go either way from there aim for something slightly shorter. These are a casual clothing item after all and you want to go for a cool, relaxed feel.

It’s also an idea to steer clear of bulky pockets – these could easily spoil the look of slim shorts. A roll-up at the hem looks effective too.

Matchmaking to turn your shorts into an outfit

The style you choose will depend on your circumstances. Want something to pop on with a casual T shirt as you stroll out of the hotel on a sun-kissed holiday? Washed pink or blue denim shorts could be just the thing.

The Idle Man is brave enough to even raise the prospect of ‘double denim’ when it comes to styling your shorts. That brings us out in a bit of a 90s nightmare-induced shiver but, if you’re with us, there are plenty of other ways to create a successful look.

Try a nautical look with boat shoes and a striped T shirt or, for a bit of a smarter style, pick up some dark denim and pop on a white shirt and some shiny white Converse for a classy monochrome look.

Whatever look you fancy, slim jean shorts can deliver for you this summer. Set aside any reservations and don’t listen to the naysayers: there was a time when people looked down their noses at denim shorts but, thankfully, they are back with a bang with greater popularity and variety than ever before.

There’s a colour and a style out there that can create a cool, casual look. Shop around and consider your wider outfit and you’ll be able to deliver just that.

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