Review: Powerman Protein 85 Enzymes Release

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The very name Powerman signifies quality and strength but is it actually any good?  With more sports supplement brand cropping up lately it is difficult to weed out the good from the bad.  Anyway that’s what we are here for to try the bulk of them so that you don’t have to.

The first product that we tried from the Powerman range was the Powerman 85 protein enzymes release, a casein protein.  This is a slow release supplement that Powerman recommend you to use throughout the day as a snack however for our trial we focused on using this before bed.  That after all is the time of the day where a slow release protein is most effective as you are generally about to enter a period of around 8 hours with no food so using something like this is a good way tp promote muscle growth and regeneration.

One thing that we found a tad annoying with the Powerman range is the lack of scoops.  They instead recommend how many spoons to use for each serving.  Fair enough this saves on plastic but it does get a little bit hard to properly judge each serving.

Taste wise the Powerman 85 protein enzymes release does not rate great.  We tried the strawberry flavour and it’s bearable but certainly not enjoyable to drink in any way.   I have stated in many previous reviews though that I don’t see taste as a big issue as none of really take these drinks for the enjoyment of drinking them.

So how did it perform?  We found it pretty decent during our 4 week trial and woke up in the mornings feeling fresher and without that ravenous hunger of norm.  The serving includes 24g of protein and is recommended to be consumed with cold milk. This was the first time we had tried a bedtime protein and were pretty impressed with the performance.

You can check out the full Powerman Protein range at The Hut.


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