Mens fashion: A guide to SS14

SS14 Menswear Trends

While women everywhere will be well underway with their spring/summer wardrobe planning, most men have probably given it very little thought. If you’re hoping to stay stylish this upcoming season, now is definitely the time to start looking into upcoming trends.

Fully white sleek designs

This trend may not be suitable for the guy who’s prone to spill his food and drink but it does seem that all-white is going to be a major focus this spring/summer. A fully white suit is one of the most important purchases you can make to fit in with this trend but it takes a lot of confidence to wear!

Big stripes replace big squares

In 2013, the main trend seemed to be big squares. This year the focus moves onto stripes.

More specifically, you should be focusing upon horizontal stripes. The catwalks had a few surprises this season with horizontal stripes showing up on suits for a particularly unique style twist.


It might not be appropriate to sport your woolly Christmas jumper throughout the whole year but that doesn’t mean you have to put knit completely on hold until next winter. There are plenty of knitwear items that will complement your spring and summer collection so make sure you pick up a few bargains in the sales!

You will have to make a few changes if you want to pull off mens knitwear outside of the winter season though, so rather than dark colours you should start to introduce yellows, blues and coral.

Now is the time to move away from dark and depressing and onto more colourful designs for SS14.

Manly flowers 

Now there’s a phrase you thought you’d never hear when discussing men’s fashion! The catwalks this year have been packed full of floral designs. Suits, trousers and t-shirts are all carrying a heavy floral design, proving that it’s not just for the women!

If you’re really not overly keen on embracing your floral side, why not opt for something simple such as swim shorts? The floral designs will barely be noticeable and you’ll still be bang on trend.


Another slightly feminine design that’s making it big onto the men’s fashion scene this spring/summer is the tunic. Loose fitting, this is actually really comfortable and slimming and the best way to wear them is underneath a tailored jacket.

These are the main trends to focus on this season. Remember, the earlier you start planning your spring/summer wardrobe, the easier it will be to stay on trend.

Modern men are paying more attention than ever before to what they should and shouldn’t be wearing so don’t get caught out wearing last season’s cast offs!


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