The Gentleman’s football scarf by Savile Rogue

Savile Rogue Football Scarves

Football is now a massive industry in its own right as clubs and country’s spurn out an endless supply of new merchandise season after season.  Sponsor emblazoned shirts, hats and scarves are available in a variety of colours as clubs now released third and even fourth strips each and every season.

If you are like me then paying for the privilege to promote a drinks brand or the likes is not overly appealing.  Well there is now another way to wear your team’s colours with pride.  Savile Rogue are taking things back to basics.  They have created a range of luxury Scottish cashmere scarves in not far off every football team on the planets colours.  They look great and have a real retro feel about them harking back to the days of when football really was football. 

Of course they are super soft and come packaged in a Savile Rogue gift box,  Struggling to find that special gift for Dad or brother?  I reckon that these would be very well received by any football nut in the family.  A timeless accessory that will be worn with pride season after season. 

There is of course no actual team branding on these scarves, so even if you don’t like the sport there are still some cracking designs to choose from.  I for one will be adding one of these too my Christmas list – I won’t spill in which teams colours that may be however! 

You can view the abundance of new designs and colours at the Savile Rogue online store.


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