The key to waking up feeling refreshed

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Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning can be one of the hardest tasks you may have to undertake each day.  Snooze…snooze…snooze! Is hitting that button on the alarm clock to give you a few minutes more sleep a familiar part of your morning routine?  I know I am often guilty of it myself, but what changes can you make to ensure you get the most of that precious rest time.

Waking up feeling refreshed isn’t just as easy getting the recommended 8 hours of kip per night.  Your sleeping environment, mood, diet and a whole host of things will affect the quality of your sleep.

I’ve put together some of my top tips to help you wake up feeling a little bit more refreshed.

Get your diet in check

We all know that we shouldn’t be eating cheese before bed but there are a few other foods that we should avoid.  Keeping your gut happy as you sleep will avoid any unnecessary disturbances to your rest.

Coffee, red wine and chocolate are all a no no as they have been proven to disturb your sleep more than other foods.  They will upset your intestines in such a way that you will have a light or broken sleep which doesn’t really provide you with the re-charge that you need.  In an ideal world you should try to avoid these foods from late afternoon and in general don’t eat a meal within a few hours of going to bed at all.

Invest in a decent mattress

A mattress should be one of the most important investments you make. It’s not only the pice of furniture that you spend the most time attached too but it can impact on your posture and your general health.  You should replace yours at least once every eight years as it goes without saying that the longer you have it the less comfortable it will become.

I switched mine at the tail end of last year to The Leesa Mattress and I instantly felt an improvement in the quality of my sleep.  The Leesa is constructed of three layers of high quality foam which deliver a cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep.  I ordered mine online after reading the many glowing reviews from past customers and it turned up a few days later  air-packed into a rather small box.   I pulled it out and watched in amazement as it sprung to life before my eyes as I laid it down on my bed frame.  Within a few minutes it was ready to go and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

It probably sounds little bit daft too but as someone with a touch of design OCD I loved the fact that the soft brush mattress cover was a light grey in colour and it matched the bedrooms colour scheme perfectly (not that anyone ever see’s it but still).

Find the right temperature

Finding the right balance between hot and cold is key.  There is of course no magic number as this will vary depending on your climate and body temperature.  You will know yourself if you regular wake up sweaty and feeling thirsty that the wrong is too hot and likewise if you wake up cold or shivery.

In addition keeping a window slightly ajar is a good idea.  This keeps lets the carbon dioxide escape and the fresh oxygen coming in.

Try to keep a routine

Easier said than done I know but if you can’t go to bed at the same time every night at least try to get roughly the same number of hours to keep your body regulated. Spikes of too much or too little sleep will do you no good.

If you can try to regulate it you will fond yourself waking at the same time most morning (without an alarm) ready to take on the day.

Start your day with exercise

Firstly don’t lie about as this sets the pace for the rest of the day. In fact there is nothing to beat that early morning slump than getting up sharp and heading for a a short outdoor run.  Although this can seem like the last thing on your mind when you wake up once you get going your body will thank you and you will feel more energetic throughout the day and into the next day.

Follow your exercise burst with a healthy breakfast (not just a coffee). An empty stomach will not see you through until lunchtime so make sure you grab something even if you only have time to grab some cereal or a banana.

Do you have a top tip of your own? Get in touch and let us know or leave a comment below. Here’s to waking up feeling happy and refreshed!!

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