Treating the England rugby team: former club doctor on the importance of sleep


Whoever you’re rooting for at the Six Nation’s this year, it’s difficult not to be impressed by the athleticism of all the players. Sleep can often be a forgotten part of a fitness regime, but just how important is it?

Slumberland know the impact sleep has on health and wellbeing – and spoke to Dr Phil Batty, former club doctor for the England Rugby Team and Manchester City F.C, about his experiences.

‘Sleep is vital and possibly the most important aspect of recovery. Individuals vary in their sleep requirements and this is monitored by daily well being questionnaires that record the player’s perception of their sleep and wellness. It is not always a matter of the amount of sleep, but the quality of the sleep.’

What with intense training sessions, nerves and adrenaline, and travelling and sleeping away from home, it can be difficult for players to be settled in their sleep routine.

‘Sleep disturbance is a common issue for the doctor working in the camp. Rugby demands courage and commitment, but as Vince Lombardi said “fatigue makes cowards of us all”.’

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