Tried & Tested: LA Muscle Protein Pancakes

LA Muscle Protein Pancakes

I don’t know about you but I am pretty bored to tears of consuming protein shake after protein shake.  Unfortunately being on a high protein diet means that these are pretty much a requirement, especially if you live a bust life. There are now a whole range of alternatives on the market and given the fact it is Pancake day I thought I would give this Protein Pancake mix from LA Muscle a try.

I have already tried a few of the products from the LA Muscle stable (6 pack toner & whey) and have found their stuff to be pretty decent if yet a tad on the pricey side at times.  The Protein Pancake mix is priced at £49,99 for a 1.8kg tub which is a pretty decent size.  Each serving takes only 3 scoops to make and boasts a whopping 37g of protein.

I tried the chocolate flavoured mix which is easy to make requiring only the addition of 75ml of water and 75ml of cold milk (I used almond milk).  A quick whisk in the bowl and the pancake batter was lump free and ready to hit the hot pan.  I found that the serving allowed for 3 good-sized pancakes, which were ready to serve in only a few minutes time.

Once the pancakes had cooled slightly I added some sliced banana, blueberries and honey which made for a pretty decent evening snack indeed.  As they are chocolate pancakes they do look a little unusual (perhaps burnt) but this is too be expected…

A protein packed alternative to traditional pancakes and a damn sight less hassle to make!


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