Boss Orange Watches


Boss Orange embodies the great design and quality that we have come to expect from Boss brands but with a far more laidback approach to say Boss Hugo Boss for example the Boss Orange look to me says ‘weekend’ it’s about spontaneous fun but still maintains an emphasis on fashion.

When you think off Boss Orange one thing will come to mind and I guess it may be denim.  Well yes this is more or less the core of the Boss Orange collection but there are many lifestyle elements in addition.  A look at the Boss Orange Watches collection is a prime example of how the brand has evolved into a full scale lifestyle brand along with fragrance.

The watches in the collection of course feature lots of orange, the signature colour and name of the brand.  The look is relatively sporty yet stylish thus look great in an extreme or simply a more relaxed urban chic type environment.  Core to the range though is passion, not only for style and the way you look but about life in general be it music, sport or something different.

Boss Watches

Next month I shall be putting one of the timepieces through its paces quite literally with The Everyday Man tried & tested feature so be sure to keep an eye out for that soon.  In the meantime you can view the Boss Orange watches collection here.

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