Brand Spotlight: Kiehl’s Since 1851

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Kiehl’s are now an iconic brand who are instantly recognised the world over by their simple and straight forward product design.  One thing that stands out for me about Kiehl’s is the in-store service.  The shop-fit is that of an urban apothecary and staff always appear to be genuinely knowledgable about the product and always slip you a sample or 2 of products to try along with your purchase.

I have been faithfully using Kiehl’s products for around 10 years now and would recommend them to men everywhere.  The Facial Fuel energising facial wash is a favourite of mines and priced at £8.50 is is not much more expensive than many of the high street brands on the market.  It smells good, does not dry out my skin and you only need a small amount of the gel.

I have recently tried some new products from the men’s grooming range namely the Facial Fuel No Shine Hydrator and Ultimate Man Razor Bump Relief.  I suffer from very dry skin but hate using heavy moisturisers that are thick and leave my skin looking greasy.  The Kiehl’s No Shine Hydrator is a perfect solution as only a little is needed and it absorbs into the skin super quick  It left my skin feeling hydrated and shine free.

If like me you suffer from razor irritation after shaving you will have tried a host of soothing balms and skin conditioners.  The Ultimate Man Razor Bump Relief is the latest in a long lie on products I have used.  I normally settle for the Nivea Post Shave Balm but find that due to the perfume within it came sometimes leave my skin feeling stingy.  The Kiehl’s Razor Bump Relief is a great product – a little goes a long way.  It soothes and claims to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs.


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