Build Exercise Into Your Day The Easy Way

Finding the time to exercise can be difficult for everyone, not just you. Life is so busy, and it only seems to get busier as each day passes. You have multiple competing priorities that are pulling you in every direction. When this happens, you probably feel that something has to give. Oftentimes, it is your exercise regimen that goes by the wayside. Well, no more. Try these tips to incorporate more exercise into your day.

Go Outside

First things first, you need to get outside to enjoy the fresh air, feel the breeze on your skin, and absorb some much-needed vitamin D. Since you already have a plan to move from the indoors to outside, why not keep going and get in shape in your local park? This is a great way to see the often-overlooked nature that is all around you.

In parks, there are often trails of different grades and gradients that will offer you challenges that a treadmill just cannot give you. Use the soft grass to pause on a run to do some sit-ups or crunches. Then, run another mile or two and pull off the path for a round of push-ups or tricep dips. Nature is both your playground and your workout station.

Park Further Away

You probably see vehicle after vehicle circling the lot just trying to find a parking spot closest to the door at the local market time and again. Perhaps you are one of those drivers in the queue. It is time to try something novel – park further away from the door than you ever have before.

When you incorporate something as simple as walking from your car to the door of a building you need to go into anyway, you add extra steps into your day and move your body even more than if you had been sedentary while driving through the parking lot looking for the best spot.

Take the Stairs

Forget the lift, even though it is easy and convenient. Instead, opt for the stairs. You may huff and puff the first few times you do it, but after a while, you will notice that you can take them one by one without breaking a sweat. Over time, you will begin to go up the stairs two by two and work your legs while doing it.

Do not overlook going down the stairs. The act of moving your body still works your muscle groups. You can add cardio to your descent by lightly jogging or running as you go from floor to floor for more impact.

Watch this video for a doctor’s perspective on why you should continue taking the stairs throughout your life.

Staying fit and exercising are common goals, and yet they seem elusive at times. Do not make them an all-or-nothing endeavor. By building small moments of exercise into each day and making it a routine part of your daily activities, you will be better off and see gains in no time at all. Stay hydrated, dress for physical fitness success, and wear your sunscreen. Have fun!

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