Can you get your body Ibiza ready in just 30 days?

MaxiNutrition Ibiza Challenge

Summer has all but arrived and by the looks of my gym lately everyone has finally hit that pre-holiday panic and started to beast their training.  Is it too late though to get that summer body you have been craving?  Well yes and no.  Any training you will do will of course have a positive impact on your appearance but it may be a tad unrealistic to expect to go from beer belly to washboard abs in the next few weeks.

If you commit yourself to putting in some serious effort from now on in then you will reap the rewards but you better be ready to sweat.  To help with your motivation you could sign up to the MaxiNutrition 30 day physique transformation.  They have made it pretty straightforward no matter if your goal is to bulk up a bit or to shred some excess flab.

Whatever your aim though they have some really useful meal plans and training guides as well as some insightful articles that are worth a read to keep you motivated.  You could even win a trip to Ibiza if you complete the 30 day challenge.  What more encouragement do you need to get in shape for the summer?

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