Casio Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Limited Edition Casiotron Release

In a celebration of half a century of creative ingenuity, Casio Watches proudly presents a limited drop of the iconic Casiotron, paying homage to its groundbreaking 1974 debut. This exclusive timepiece, reimagined for the modern era, seamlessly blends iconic design with cutting-edge technology, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s illustrious history.

The Casiotron, Casio’s inaugural wristwatch, revolutionised the watch industry with the world’s first automatic calendar function in a digital watch. Now, 50 years later, Casio honours this legacy by retaining the original design while meeting contemporary technological standards.

Limited to just 4000 pieces worldwide, this special numbered edition signifies Casio’s enduring commitment to originality and innovation, heralding the beginning of the brand’s momentous 50th year.

Beyond its innovative features, Casio demonstrates its dedication to sustainability with an 82% reduction in plastic usage compared to conventional packaging, opting for eco-friendly, plastic-free paper material for the special edition’s box.

The TRN-50, faithful to the original, boasts a dark blue dial adorned with the classic Casiotron logo and intricate details. The screw-lock case back features a redesigned symbol commemorating the 50th anniversary, with a glass centre for radio wave reception and a unique serial number engraved on each watch, emphasising its rarity.

Priced at £449, the limited edition Casiotron will be available for purchase exclusively on the Casio website, offering enthusiasts and collectors alike a rare opportunity to own a piece of horological history.

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