Champs de Provence, the new fragrance by Eight & Bob

Eight & Bob are fast becoming one of my favourite fragrance houses.  in fact their preview release Memoires De Mustique is now one my favourite summer fragrances so when I heard about their latest release, Champs de Provence I couldn’t wait to smell it.

Champs de Provence is a new fresh floral scent that aims to tell the story of the beauty and freshness of Provence, the southeastern region of France that stretches from the Rhone river to the Mediterranean coast.  One of the draws for me to Eight & Bob (aside from their mesmerizing scents) are their romantic back stories that accompany each release.  This time around, the story centres around Albert Fouquet who went from Antibes on the French Rivera to the home of Alessandro and Chiara to share with them the splendid spectacle of colours and the wonderful aromas. Some months later, when Alessandro and Chiara were already settled in the Philippines, they were surprised by the best present that they could receive from their good friend.  This wonderful scent.

So how does it smell?  Well, it’s very floral which I guess may not make it the most masculine of scents in their line-up (they are all unisex) but I love the orange and bergamot note that you can definitely smell coming through, especially when it settles on the skin.  If you’re a fan of fresh, fruity (scents like Neroli Portofino) then this might be one for you.

Eight & Bob Champs de Provence is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum

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