My Christmas fashion wishlist from Stuarts London

Stuarts London Chrstmas Wishlist

If you are anything like me then you will be well used to family and friends moaning that they never know what to buy you for Christmas. i think it’s a man thing. Girls go loopy for makeup, jewellery and handbags. These kind of things are all easy to select for someone else as there is no worrying about size.

Buying someone an item of clothing, on the other hand, is not quite as straight forward. Of course, people very often play it safe and whack some money or gift vouchers in an envelope. As lovely as it is to receive some much-needed wonga at Christmas time, I often find I piss the money away on everyday crap and not on something nice for myself. Gift vouchers, on the other hand, are a little bit better, especially if they are for a designer fashion retailer like Stuarts London, where you are never stuck for choice in spending it!

There really is however no better feeling than ripping open a nicely wrapped Christmas gift. With all this in mind, I have decided to help you lot out this year and put together a shortlist of clobber than should be on your Santa list…


This Fred Perry Authentic shirt priced at £79 oozes British style but if you want to play it a little safer then I recommend adding this Paul Smith Jeans polo shirt priced at £135 to your list.  Lastly, if you are lucky enough to have someone really spoiling you then go for a leather…the Nudie Jeans bomber priced at £375 is a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.


When adding gifts to your Christmas wishlist my rule of thumb is to be a bit more adventurous than normal.  It’s not your hard earned cash at stake after all.  I bore this in mind when selecting my footwear picks.  Firstly the Nike Air Huaraches £89, the New Balance suede 576 (try to keep them clean til spring) and lastly the old classic Red Wing boots priced at £225.


For Stocking fillers and smaller gifts accessories are great.  These items will become regulars in your wardrobe for quite some time so add some useful and durable items to your Santa list.  This winter tartan is the big trend.  This Barbour scarf which is made in Scotland is bang on and is a bargain at £24.95.  Canada Goose provides unbeatable warmth so if you are into the outdoors or spend a bit of time in the elements the Lodge gloves priced at £75 will become your new best friends.  Finally, who wouldn’t want a traditional goat suede Stetson in their collection?  The model shown above is priced at £149.

Remember to have the all-important size conversation with your loved ones.  Just drop in randomly at some point what size you wear in a shoe/shirt/jacket etc just so that they know what to buy for you.  They will be relieved and you will reap the rewards on Christmas day when you don’t have to model something that resembles a wetsuit or bin bag!

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