Christmas gift guide for the interior designer in your life

Renovating your house together in 2024, or know someone close to you who’s redecorating? Finding the perfect Christmas gift can feel tricky, but if you already know that they love interior design, your choice can be guided by their vision.

When you’re buying for someone who loves home interiors, the most important step is to plan based on their tastes. Don’t be fooled into choosing a gift based on your own interior design style, since it’s unlikely that you’ll share the same likes and dislikes. Take a stroll around their home, look at their Instagram feed, or catch up over coffee to brainstorm in secret

Once you know their style, the planning can commence. We’ve written a concise gift guide based on three of the most popular interior styles below to give you a head start.

Planning a Christmas gift for interior design lovers: Our concise style guide

Minimalist interiors

The minimalist home interior fan still appreciates a thoughtful gift. The most important thing to remember is that minimalists won’t appreciate any personal items, especially not trinkets. The gifts you choose for a minimalist should be well-thought out – and preferably already on their wish list too.

If you have an idea of their home layout, you can use this as a reference. Working with a larger budget means you could choose customised art pieces, stylish designer prints, or other bespoke furnishings for their home. Don’t forget that the right lighting effortlessly completes any interior, so buying a beautiful wall light or desk lamp could create a sense of space and depth.

Rustic and farmhouse-style homes

Warm neutrals, stripped-back spaces and natural fibres define rustic interiors. Think open hearths, exposed brickwork, and lovely ceramic tiles: these quintessential elements should serve as your backdrop for any additions to a rustic home.

If your recipient is an animal lover, why not choose a practical gift that not only complements their home but suits their lifestyle too? From boot racks to woven storage baskets, there are so many ways to be thoughtful.

In any traditional farmhouse, luxurious linens are essential. With the right set of mix-and-match bedding on a gorgeous double bed, it’s possible to achieve that perfect cottage-core vibe that’s often seen in catalogues from leading designers and top style magazines too. Cosy woollen blankets and cotton sheets make thoughtful gifts, but just remember to prioritise quality.

Mid-century modern interiors

Panoramic windows, aspirational shapes and decadent views encapsulate the best of the mid-century modern home. With natural timber set against bright windows, open bookshelves and neutral tones, these interiors exude elegance and a genuine connection with the earth.

For a gift that’s truly unique, we recommend learning about the world’s best abstract artists to choose a piece that suits your recipient perfectly. No mid-century modern interior is complete without geometric patterns and bold colours on the walls, especially in contrast with an otherwise neutral colour scheme.

A special, artisanal fragrance could suit the homeowner, but if you’d like to choose something specifically for their abode, an ornate vase could also make a welcome addition. Mid-century modern homes seamlessly blend unexpected shapes with clean and organic elements, so giving a green or floral gift could also be well received.

The bottom line…

No matter their interior, knowing how to choose a gift that suits their home will be one of the most thoughtful gifts possible. If you know how their style inside and out, it’s easy to find a gift they adore. And if you’ve read this far, they’re lucky to have you in their life!

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