Craghoppers’ ‘Cool, Still’ AW23 Campaign: A Stylish Retreat for the Modern Gent

In a world that never seems to slow down, Craghoppers has a special message for the modern gent—welcome to the ‘Cool, Still’ lifestyle of its AW23 campaign. This isn’t just about clothes; it’s an invitation to hit pause, reflect, and breathe amidst the everyday chaos.

In a culture that’s always on the go, ‘Cool, Still’ stands as a manifesto for a different kind of living. Think of it as the antidote to the “fast food mentality,” championing a lifestyle that’s more like a “slow-cooked movement.” Craghoppers wants every modern gent to experience the profound stillness found in nature, encouraging a break to reconnect with the world around.

For this exclusive campaign, the Craghoppers team ventured to a secret location in the Cotswolds—a hidden gem surrounded by clean air and embraced by the tranquility of nature. Here, they found solace in sustainable, modernist architecture, dwelling in an exquisite boat house on a serene lake.

Say goodbye to strenuous hikes and personal best runs; imagine leisurely strolls, quiet moments with a good book, and serene rides in rowing boats. ‘Cool, Still’ embodies the essence of an ode to the outdoors, even when everything slows down to the point of almost being perfectly still.

Picture yourself, as a modern guy, lying back in the long grass, captivated by the graceful dance of a red kite overhead. Envision trying your hand at fly fishing, where wild brown trout outsmart with their cunning. ‘Cool, Still’ encourages you to let Mother Nature be your healer, working her magic in the most peaceful settings.

Embark on this exclusive journey with Craghoppers to rediscover the simple joys of life, where time takes a leisurely pace, and nature’s beauty becomes the center stage. Let the tranquility of nature inspire the modern gent to hit pause, reflect, and breathe.

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