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The Everyday Man

When it comes to my interior taste, I’m very minimal. I love a clean, bright white wall and a just a few select accessories around a room.  I like to think quality over quantity and instead of just picking up random bits and bobs, I like for an item have to be either really amazing or have a handy function.

Recently, I found that creating a picture wall is a great way of adding some personality and life into a room.  Instead of painting a wall a crazy colour or adding texture from wallpaper, a picture wall is great as it’s easy to change-up and swap around as your style and taste changes.  Desenio is a fantastic place to pick up the prints for a picture wall as their collection is so hugely vast and varied.

The Everyday Man
The Everyday Man
The Everyday ManBefore you start to choose the pictures that you, I’d say that it is important to have a good think about the kind of things you’d like.  It will make it much easier to narrow down some choices. Themes are good, whether like me you like monochrome or whether you want some crazy pops of colour that’s ok just have a rough idea of this in your head before you start shopping.  It’s entirely possible of course that you’ll see something amazing on Desenio  and have a completely different change of direction but I’ve always found that going in with a rough idea helps.

Once you know the type of prints that you’re after the next thing that you need to think about is how many.  Odd numbers always tend to look better and I’ve found that a random mix of sized frames can look just as good as say 3 large-sized prints side by side.

For this particular wall, I went for 5 monochrome prints and a mixture of graphic and text designs.  I must admit, I was really quite pleased with how it turned out.

If you’re ready to create your own picture wall then there is no time like now to get started as my code THEEVERYDAYMAN gives 25% off prints* on all Desenio sites until the 9th of May. Follow @desenio for more inspiration!

*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration/personalised prints.

If you want to shop the prints that I chose then search for the following:

Graphic City Map London

Heart Anatomy 

Black Overlay

Simple Balance 

Watercolor Hands No3 – This one is my very favourite!

Don’t forgot to tag us in any social posts of your finished picture walls so that we can see what you’ve created too @theeverydayman!

The Everyday Man

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