D.HEDRAL Underwear with AngleFit Technology


So the girls have wonderbras, spanks, you name it there’s a tool to make their bums look all the more rounded and pert.  But what about us lads?  Well it may not seem like the top of most guys thought process when chosen a new underwear brand but with all those hours you no doubt put in squatting and lunging at the gym maybe a little extra help should not be overlooked.

Until most swimwear and underwear for men came in the bog standard waist sizes.  D.HEDRAL have are the first brand to offer a fit beyond the waistband.  The designers at the brand have identified that not all men share the same body shape (it may seem pretty obvious but none of the other manufacturers seems to have taken this one board). They have developed a very special patented AngleFit Technology that ergonomically stretches the fabric on the rear from three points to guarantee perfect fit. This revolutionary concept is engineered into the finest Italian fabric to create premium figure-hugging garment.

Each of the styles be it their swimwear,  briefs and trunks boast structured support with a Y that vertically has close to zero elasticity whilst the horizontal stretch is determined by the shape and volume of the bum.  This provides unique contoured fabric coverage over the glutes resulting in a visual enhancement of the natural silhouette.  Basically it promotes the perfect fit.

Watch the video below to learn a little more on how Anglefit from D.HEDRAL works…


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