Share your life with new dating website 21Pictures

The Everyday Man

21Pictures is a new dating website where you tell your story entirely through pictures. There are no tiresome written profiles – it’s all about the visual.

To celebrate its launch in May 2014, 21Pictures is offering a free subscription for life to the first 1000 people who sign up.

Unlike other dating websites, 21Pictures encourages you to use your intuition, just like you would when choosing a date in real life. Did you know that you can tell how trustworthy someone is after looking at their picture for just 100 milliseconds? Looking for longer won’t make you any more accurate. Sharing your life through pictures makes it easier for people to grasp what you’re really like, and you them.


What happens next? In a few weeks time, 21Pictures will get in touch to invite you to upload some pictures to your profile and take their short compatibility questionnaire. Shortly after that, when the site goes live, you’ll get to see your matches – 21 at any one time – and start interacting with them.

Why 21 matches? Whether you’re shopping for cereals, buying a house or looking for a date, having too many options paralyses our decision-making. Psychologists call it choice overload.  To combat this problem, 21Pictures carefully selects 21 matches for you, based on the answers you give in your questionnaire. No more scrolling through hundreds of unsuitable profiles – you’ll spend your time getting to know the cream of the crop!

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