DITTO: Designer Eyewear with Virtual Try-On Technology

The Everyday ManCentral to your summertime look is a pair of sunglasses that not only match your face shape but also suit your personal style.  Unfortunately finding a pair that does both can often be one of the biggest challenges you will face each season.  I really can’t think of another accessory that makes such a big impact or difference to your look.

When it comes to buying eyewear online it used to be a case of trial and error or alternatively sticking to your old faithful style (in my case a wayfarer).  Thanks to some incredible new technology harnessed by DITTO you can now try on a multitude of styles using their ‘virtual try-on simulator’.  All you need to get started is a computer with a webcam.

There are 3 key processes: 1) creating the 3D face model of your head with accurate scale 2) digitizing the glasses photo-realistically, and 3) rendering the glasses onto your DITTO with proper scale and with matching lighting and shadows so you can see which pairs fit and flatter your unique face.

Once you have created your DITTO you can select from a wide range of designer eyewear (both sunglasses & prescription) options available on the site to experiment with your look.  You even try on a few styles that you may shy away from in bricks and mortar store as you are worried about people judging you.  The only one judging your look here is you.  That is of course until you decide to share your look with your friends as before deciding on your purchase you can share your completed DITTO with them and get their opinion.

Whoever said online shopping could not match the in-store experience eh?

Are you ready to get started?  Head over to DITTO.com and get to work choosing you perfect summer style.  When you are ready don’t forget to share your look on twitter @everyday_man and @shopDITTO.

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