Dogs Love Diamonds

Dogs Love Diamonds

According to this t-shirt brand that I just stumbled across, ‘Dogs Love Diamonds’.  The big question is, however, do they love diamonds as much as I love French Bulldogs?  I very much doubt it.

London-based streetwear label ‘Dogs Love Diamonds’ has been producing a range or graphic canine based t-shirts since the summer.  The punchy cartoon styled mutts have already proved a big hit in the UK and the USA.  The designs take inspiration from the trendy boroughs of East London and the hip neighbourhoods of New York City – both of which are famous for their creative industries and expanding street art scene.

Owner Chris Morgan says “Men like to keep things simple. They want to look put together without expending too much effort. Our t-shirts give fashion forward men a high-quality garment that can be worn solo or layered as a year round wardrobe staple. You can easily have a closet full of our t-shirts and no one would be the wiser because no two look the same.”

A t-shirt from the range will set you back around £25 and they are available from  The range has proven so popular that the brand are bringing a collection of hoodies later this year.

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