ECCO Shoes have upped their game with the launch of the Virus Mondial

Ecco Vitrus Mondial Review

Since their inception in 1963, ECCO shoes have been using and developing technology which makes shoes much more comfortable to wear.

The flagship ECCO Fluidform system took 3 decades to perfect and delivers a reliable and durable union between the upper and the sole unit. This leads to a finely-tuned balance of cushioning and rebound.

Ecco Vitrus Mondial Review
Ecco Vitrus Mondial Review
Ecco Vitrus Mondial Review

This Autumn ECCO has elevated their game even further with the launch of ECCO Vitrus Mondial. A brand-new premium dress shoe engineered to combine the Danish brand’s comfort innovations with a full leather outsole.

At the heart of everything that ECCO do is comfort so of course the new Vitrus Mondial is no exception to that rule.

A new slimmer silhouette has been introduced to give this style a truly premium look and feel, it has a full leather lining, as well as new laces, which are flat, thin and waxy, and is offered with new buckles.

It’s undoubtedly a stylish, comfortable and good quality business shoe, just the type of thing that you need for those long days in the city!


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