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Last week I was contacted with an opportunity to review a new service called Enclothed.  The idea had me intrigued so I was interested to find out more…

Basically this is a new mail order service which takes the ‘hassle’ out of shopping.  Whether you fall into the cant shop or the won’t shop this is the perfect solution to your fashion needs.  The service is really easy to use and starts with you completing an online style profile detailing the brands you like, the size you normally wear and any special requests.  The Enclothed stylists use your answers to this short questionnaire to start filling your box of fashion.

My box arrived this morning and I was instantly impressed.  The cube shaped box has been made to look like an old-fashioned chest.  I eagerly tore it open to see what treasure was lurking inside.  There was a note from my stylish Dana with a list of the items that she had selected for me.  A selection of shirts, knitwear, jeans and accessories from brands ranging from Levi’s and Paul Smith to John Smedley and Nudie Jeans had been neatly packed inside the box.

Most of the pieces Enclothed select are by premium labels and I was pleased to see a lot of British made clothing had been included.  As a first box goes there was lots that I loved and a couple of items that I hated.  This is of course all part of the process as the stylists learn from the items you return and build a better picture of your taste.

Now I know you are probably wondering how much a bespoke service like this costs aint you?  Well that all depends on what you elect to keep a hold of as you are only charge for the stuff that you do not return.  It is a premium service like I mentioned above so prices vary.  The contents of my box ranged from a £30 belt up to a John Smedley jumper priced at £120.

I am already excited about my next box.  Roll on January!  If you fancy a piece of the Enclothed action for yourself head over to enclothed.co.uk.


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