Equinox please make me do it!


So after months of kidding myself on at the gym I have decided to give myself a kick in the right direction and have enlisted the help of a new personal trainer.  My problem is not in dragging myself to the gym, I will happily head along each and every day.  My problem is that on arrival I often find that I don’t put in quite the level if effort that I probably should be.

Recently I joined Equinox (just off Kensington High Street) in what was the first step in my journey for improved fitness and size.  The club itself is such a nice space to work out in.  Without being overly pretentious its very high-end, the equipment is good and plentiful and there is always lots of space to do your thing, even during the peak hours.  As nice as all that is it still wasn’t quite making me work as hard as I would like to I have taken up some sessions with George Rose at the London club.

Equinox have developed their own induction to personal training called Equifit which helps the trainer get a picture of your overall fitness, health and flexibility.  A lot of the stages are pretty standard (heart rate, body fat, blood pressure etc) and others not so (reach tests and some pretty unusual compound movements).  After taking part I spoke with George about my goals which were to improve my fitness and gain a bit of mass on my legs and upper body.  He seemed to welcome the challenge and reckons we can make quite good progress with a few tweaks in the way I am training, I am interested to see what he has lined up for me…

Over the coming weeks and months you can keep up with the progress of my fitness mission both here on the blog and over on our instagram page.

Equinox, 99 Kensington High St, London W8 5SA


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