My Essential Daily Vitamin Stack

For years I’ve dabbled in multivitamins, never really knowing much about them but buying into the marketing spiel, which told me that they were something I needed. Since I was a teenager I think I have noticed most of the major brands without really noticing much of a difference. I’m sure that they were helping me on the inside but it was hard to see any change (aside from the almost radioactive urine and often horrible aftertaste).

Back in the summer, I was introduced to Swisse, a brand of vitamins that was new to the UK but who had been Australia’s leading multivitamin brand for many years.  I was lucky enough to be invited over to the Rio Olympics with them as they were working with Team GB (and Team Australia) as their official vitamin supplier.  While in Rio I was introduced to the incredibly vast Swisse range which encompasses supplements to help with almost every aspect of your health from their general multivitamin product ‘Ultivite’ to more niche vitamins that help with things like your immune system bones.

I’d actually tried a few Swisse products before but the trip gave me a chance to speak with some of the team behind the products and learn more about the production process and benefits of using Swisse.  Unlike a lot of the leading vitamins brands, Swisse are produced to pharmaceutical standards which means that they have to go through more stringent testing as well as being produced in a more controlled environment.  Definitely a good thing in my opinion!

After trying out quite a lot of the Swisse vitamins range I have found my 3 favourites and have been taking them daily for 4 or 5 months now to help me maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Swisse Men’s Ultivite Multivitamins

Ultivite is the foundation Swisse product and is available in a slightly different variation for men, women, teenage boys and teenage girls.  The dosage of ingredients is adjusted in each to ensure that the body in each case gets all of the essential vitamins that it needs.

The men’s Ultivite is packed with a whopping 41 ingredients, which may sound like a lot, but they are small enough that they are still easy to swallow.  They’re also coated with a pleasant minty taste, which makes them a little easier going down.  I often think it is pretty hard to comment on the effectiveness of products like this as we can’t often see the benefits but what I can say is that since using these I’ve had fewer colds, had a lot more energy and generally felt a little healthier.  Whether that’s placebo or not it certainly worked for me.

Swisse High Strength Vitamin C

Even though Ultivite gives a good dose of Vitamin C I decided to give myself a further boost with this additional one a day product.  Vitamin C is a big contributor to the immune system and as someone who is quite quick to pick up bugs, I felt that this would benefit me greatly.

Vitamin C also gives a boost to the body in terms of energy so I definitely noticed a big reduction in fatigue while using this supplement.

Swisse Ultiplus Hair Skin Nails

This is my favourite Swisse product and the one that I recommend everyone should try.  It contains Zinc, biotin and selenium which all contribute towards the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails.

This was the one Swisse product that I could visibly see making a difference, particularly with my nails.  For years I have struggled with brittle nails that had a lot of white marks in them but since I started using this I have seen a real marked improvement.  My nails have never looked better.

You can view and purchase the full Swisse range online at Boots or in their larger stores.

Disclaimer: Swisse Vitamins provided me with a selection of products for review purposes but all of the words and opinions are my own

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