Everyday Car Care & MOT Tips For A Stress Free Ride

car care tips

If your car is throwing a tantrum, it is going to stress you out and that is just added pressure. What if there was a way to maintain basic health for your car without anything hectic or out of the ordinary – in order to boost your car’s performance and also to keep you stress-free! This article is going to give away essential tips for routine car maintenance and also MOT testing so you are well equipped when it comes to taking care of your vehicle.

Check Tyres 

Whenever you plan to go on a longer route alone or with your family, it is important that you check your car tyres. Tyres play a very important role in the good performance of the car as they are the only car part directly in contact with the road. You should check the tyre pressure levels if they are up to recommended level. You can easily do this yourself too with the help of a portable tyre pressure gauge. Having adequate pressure in tyres can save you from unexpected tyre puncture or a tyre burst. 

Have an updated MOT Certificate

At times people tend to spend huge amounts of money while repairing their car. This can be a possible result of not having a proper MOT certification. The MOT test puts your car through all the necessary procedures to make sure it is road safe and is abiding by all UK motor laws. The test requires all-important vehicle parts to be monitored for the driver’s own safety. If any part is not working well it will require a repair there and then at the MOT service garage until then you would not be allowed to take your vehicle on road. This automatically saves your time and cost on repairing your vehicle later. London has many professional garages for an MOT test but you have to choose the one that literally takes all the stress away from your MOT testing. If you require to update your MOT certificate Iverson Tyres offers MOT service in London. You can book a quote online and they will take care of the rest.

Change Filters 

Excessive driving in different weather conditions can cause your air and oil filters to get clogged over time. You need to make sure that you check them regularly. One way to do this is that you can clean the filters yourself or try to replace them from a reliable service centre on time. This will help your car run efficiently and will improve your fuel efficiency by not slowing down car performance. 

No Road Rage 

While driving you need to avoid road rage especially when you are with your family. You should avoid doing unnecessary overtaking and also in some cases avoid blowing your horn excessively. This not only disturbs other drivers on the road but also it may affect your safety too by distracting you from the main purpose of driving. Hence, always make yourself comfortable while driving and avoid road rage. 

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