My Everyday Summer Look and How to Beat the British Weather!

Gant Menswear

Unfortunately, summer in the UK unlike most other places on earth does not mean sunshine and good weather.  In fact, it can often mean torrential rain, strong winds, grey skies…you get the picture.  The temperature does tend to rise ever so slightly in summer and on the odd rare occasion, we do get a short-lived bout of the tropical weather, which we instantly class as a heatwave that we strive to make the most of. Cue the sunburn!


Choose an appropriate fabric

Just because it’s not always sunny doesn’t mean that you won’t get warm.  Lightweight and breathable fabrics are the best bets for your summer wardrobe.  A few lightweight layers that you can take off or add too as necessary is a much better option than heavier winter clothing.

My go-to for summer is a crisp white oxford shirt, I have found my favourite to be the aptly named Diamond G Fitted shirt from Gant which I’m wearing in this post teamed up with their slim navy chinos and my new Primeknit Stan Smith trainers.


Pack a bag

Another feature of the UK summer weather is the ability to experience 4 seasons in one day (sometimes even one hour).  Yup we can go through a barrage of hailstones before very quickly being treated to some bright blue skies.  All of this calls for preparation just like any good (former) boy or girl scout knows, it is important to be ready for any eventually.

Now no one expects you to go about your daily commute with half the kitchen sink in tow but it is a good idea to keep some space in your rucksack or gym bag for the essentials. I like to keep an umbrella, raincoat and cap in my Forbes & Lewis bag along with my gym gear, just in case.


Protect your eyes

The sun may not be splitting the skies but its rays can still get through the clouds and cause damage to your eyes so you want to find yourself a decent pair of sunglasses.  Apart from anything else they perfectly top off any summer look (even if they are just kept in your jacket pocket as I did here).

Recently I was introduced to a Glasgow eyewear brand called IOLLA.  They have just launched a new collection of polarised sunglasses for this season to sit alongside their optical and prescription ranges.  Most of their sunglasses are unisex which I like and they all come in at the pretty reasonable price of £65.

In this post, I’ve featured the new IOLLA Smith Sun style in Walnut tortoise but they also come in a mirrored blue finish which I loved too.  Let me know if you think I made the right choice and if you like the rest of my look on twitter @everyday_man.

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