Everything you need to know about VERO, the new social network

The Everyday ManIt’s pretty likely that at some point over the past weekend you would have heard someone mention or post about this ‘new’ social media platform called VERO.  Well firstly, it’s not that new.  Vero, was launched well over a year ago but it’s only in recent weeks has began to pick up in popularity.

So what is Vero?

Well, in short it’s another social media network, BUT it claims to be different from the others that we currently use in a couple of key areas.  Firstly there are no ads and perhaps most interestingly there is no algorithm to Vero so you see posts from the people who you follow in chronological order.  The app doesn’t analyse your online behaviour to show you only the stuff that it thinks you might like.

If there are no ads how does Vero make money? 

Vero is actually intended as a subscription based service (that will eventually cost a few dollars per year), but they are currently offering free accounts to the first million people who sign-up, so now is the time to join.

Even though there are no physical adverts (like those annoying targeted promos you get on some sites) there is an ability to buy products directly though the app of which Vero will of course make a commission.

So what else is different?

At first glance, the app looks pretty similar to most others but there are a few key differences when it comes to using it.  You can’t just post text only warbles (like a tweet or Facebook status), every time you post on the platform you have to add a piece of content (like a link, a photo or a video).

The Everyday ManWhen you connect with someone on the new you have various options depending on your relationship with that person.  If they are a public figure or celebrity or just someone you admire you can merely ‘follow’ them, but if they are a closer friend you can ‘connect’ with them as either an acquaintance, a friend or a close friend.  Whenever it comes to sharing a new post you can select whether it is something that you want only close friends to see or everyone else.

Is it just another fad platform?

It seems to have grabbed the attention of lots of ‘influencers’ who are tired of the way Instagram and Facebook continue to change the way their apps work but when it comes to everyday users I’m not 100% that they will be willing to pay (even if it is just a few bucks) to use the type of platform that they are so used to being free.  Whether this hype lasts or now, who knows…

If you do fancy seeing what it’s about, then it’s worth downloading and signing up just now while it’s still free.  After this weekend I don’t imagine there are many free spots left to grab! Don’t forget to follow me, just search for ‘The Everyday Man’ once you’re set up!

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