Experience Spain Like a Local: 5 Affordable Weekend Getaways for 2024

apartment buildings near a onyar river
Girona, Spain

Often, the lust for adventure and novelty pulls us towards the lesser-known, yet equally marvellous havens that patiently await recognition. Spain, a country famed for its paella, flamenco, and bullfights, offers more than meets the eye. Venture away from the beaten path of cities like Barcelona and Madrid, and you’ll discover hidden gems that encapsulate the soul of Spain in their narrow lanes, time-worn architecture, and delectable cuisine.

And the best part is that you don’t have to hit the current lottery jackpot at Lottoland UK to afford tickets to these exciting destinations. They are relatively affordable to most tourists.Here are five affordable destinations in Spain that captivate with their unique charm and are absolutely worth a weekend visit come 2024 

Girona: Located in Catalonia, Girona is a city where ancient charm meets modern vitality. A walk along its cobblestone streets takes you past Gothic cathedrals, quaint cafes, and baroque buildings. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the foothills of the Pyrenees, a mere half an hour drive away. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife, dining experiences ranging from traditional Catalan cuisines to avant-garde fusions, all against a backdrop of stunning vistas. 

Zaragoza: Centrally situated between Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, and Toulouse, Zaragoza is a hub of cultural and historical wonders. Find elegance in its al fresco dining and chic bohemian bars. Zaragoza boasts an eclectic mix of architectural styles, and the antiquity lovers among you will delight in the Roman, Moorish, Jewish, and Christian influences distinctly visible throughout the city. 

Cadiz: A coastal city in Andalusia, Cadiz is known as the oldest city in western Europe. Platinum beaches flank its periphery while its heart reveals a labyrinth of narrow streets, revealing sublime squares and tapas bars. Venture into nearby Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park for stunning hiking adventures, then treat yourself to the city’s vibrant nightlife and highly-rated seafood foods. 

Teruel: A locale often overlooked, Teruel in Aragón offers a unique combination of Mudejar architecture, a thriving food scene, and rich history. It’s an ideal place for those searching for both indoor and outdoor activities. It boasts an admirable collection of hiking trails, while those preferring an urban pulse will find captivating art, nightlife, and enticing culinary experiences. 

Santander: The vibrant city of Santander in Cantabria is a mix of sandy beaches, bustling nightlife and gastronomic delights. Capitalising on its coastal location, seafood is a highlight of its local cuisine. For hikers, the nearby Picos de Europa National Park provides awe-inspiring vistas. A trip to Santander isn’t complete without visiting the Centro Botin, an art centre that has quickly become a symbolic beacon of the city. 

Journey off the beaten path and relish the untold stories and uncelebrated beauty of these Spanish locales. These five destinations illustrate the diversity and richness of a country that is known and beloved for its fiery passion and vibrant culture.

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