Exploring the world: 5 magnificent destinations to put on your travel bucket list in 2024

As 2023 will soon end, everyone is starting to think of their New Year’s resolutions, which represent an excellent opportunity to set new goals. Perhaps you wish to make more money, get more active, or work on your career. Or maybe one of your goals for 2024 is to discover beautiful places in this world! After all, travelling is such an enriching experience, so it only makes sense to put it on your bucket list.

If you plan to travel more next year, European destinations are a great start. The continent has many places worthy of your attention and time, offering a memorable experience to all travel enthusiasts. Here are five destinations to keep on your radar in 2024.

Northern Italy

This region of Italy is gorgeous, so it’s no wonder why it has been marked as one of the best European destinations. Think about it – would it be easy to choose between hotspots like Bologna, Milan, Parma, Venice and Turin? Of course not, and we can’t blame you! Each city has a unique charm, and you should dedicate enough time to experience them fully. The good news is that you can quickly arrive in Northern Italy by plane, but be sure to come to the airport on time to ensure a stress-free experience. If you decide to bring your car to the airport, we recommend booking your parking spot in advance using a reliable service like Parkos.

No matter what you’re looking to get out of your vacation (a city break, an active holiday or a relaxing one), Northern Italy has it all – a rich history, outstanding art, delicious food, lively events, and plenty of sports activities. If you plan your trip to Northern Italy for the summer, you will enjoy some of the best European beaches. But that’s not all – if you want to hike in the hills after relaxing in the sun, Northern Italy allows you to combine beach and mountain in one vacation, given the short travel distance from point A to point B.   

Mallorca, Spain

It’s probably not surprising to see Mallorca on this list, as the destination is touristy – and for good reason. You can travel to Palma from London Heathrow, but if you travel by car to the airport, you will want to look for parking heathrow in advance to get a good deal. Sights in Palma are impressive, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the tallest Gothic cathedral in the world, with architecture built over 400 years. Besides the cathedral, tourists can visit Park by the Sea, where they can find local artisan kiosks and restaurants and discover a manmade lake. Suppose you visit Mallorca during summer; you can participate in events such as Artdemossa and enjoy art exhibitions, including photography, paintings, sculpture, artisan displays, and musical performances.

Since Palma de Mallorca is famous for its beaches, we should indeed mention them as a reason to visit the destination. Alcudia Beach is renowned for its clear water and a long stretch of white sand, and it makes for a great summer destination, especially if you travel with your family. There are activities for kids and adults alike, ensuring everyone has fun during their stay in Mallorca. Of course, many other beaches in Mallorca have a lot to offer, so make sure to research them before deciding.

Budapest, Hungary   

Budapest is a breathtaking destination filled with natural beauty and gorgeous green spaces. It’s also a paradise for foodies, offering many opportunities to delight your taste with popular Hungarian dishes like Chicken paprikash, Langos, Plum dumplings, fishermen’s soup, and so on. Budapest has impressive architecture, allowing you to discover top attractions like the House of Parliament, a Neo-Gothic and Baroque building with around 700 rooms.

One of the best things to do in Budapest is soak at the Baths – the city has 120 mineral hot springs, with the origins of many dating back to the Roman Empire. If you’re looking for some great outdoor activities, you can head to Lake Balaton, also known as the Hungarian Sea. This is the biggest lake in Central Europe, and it’s a lovely place to go to if you want to go cycling. It’s also great for hiking, and discovering wildlife such as osprey and deer. With so much to offer, it would be a pity not to visit Budapest, don’t you think?

Carlsberg City District, Denmark

Carlsberg City District boasts unique buildings and landmarks, and has hidden architectural gems that you will be delighted to discover. The famous historic brewery, transformed into a vibrant neighbourhood, offers beer-infused spa therapies and many impressive urban squares and gardens. Carlsberg also provides a unique gastronomic scene – you can eat at Aamanns. In this Michelin-recommended restaurant, you can try open-faced sandwiches or immerse your taste buds in excellent comfort food.

For design aficionados, Carlsberg City District has excellent shopping opportunities, as you can visit concept stores of Stillark, Carl Hansen & Son, Danish homeware brands, and so on. If you want to dive into Danish fashion, head to Haastrup and Henrik Vibskov boutiques.  

Biarritz, France

While Biarritz doesn’t have as many sights and attractions as other destinations, that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile. The city is renowned for its Basque heritage, fantastic foodie scene, and outstanding surfing beaches. There are different things you can do here, depending on what you’re looking to get out of your vacation to Biarritz. For instance, if you’re the partying type, the city centre has many clubs and bars where you will have a great night out.

For shopping enthusiasts, Biarritz is a paradise, offering plenty of boutique shops where you can find Basque textiles and goods from Galeries Lafayette. But no travel experience is complete without trying local food and drink, so be sure to head to Les Halles, a market hall where you will find everything from meats, jams and sauces to vegetables and cheeses.

The bottom line

There you have it: five fascinating destinations to travel to in 2024! We hope you have found inspiration in the article, so that you can choose the best destination and have an unforgettable vacation.

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