Fancy giving something back? Consider volunteering

Most people assume the only benefit of taking part in volunteering schemes is to feel like they are making a positive impact. While this is without a doubt a great reason to get involved in volunteering, what many people don’t expect is just how much of an impact volunteering can have on their own lives. I am sure you have beamed with that sense of goodness after assisting a friend or family member with a menial task?  Well through voluteering you can have the additional benefit of enriching your own life by providing new experiences. Here we look into in what different ways volunteering can afford us these new and often exciting opportunities.

Getting involved with sporting activities is one of the areas which can provide volunteers with new experiences; whether that’s coaching children or taking part in the sports yourself. Seeking out volunteering opportunities in this niche doesn’t have to be difficult – why not ask in your local schools and sports clubs to see if they need an extra hand with after school activities. Volunteering in sports activities can be a great way to not only become more involved in your local community but also a way of getting fit!

If you’re interested in doing something a bit more adventurous and completely different to your day-to-day life, there are also plenty of volunteering opportunities for outdoorsy types. For example, organisations which run the Duke of Edinburgh’s award are often looking for volunteers to help coordinate the hikes. By volunteering in adventure activities you will not only be able to make the most of the great British outdoors but also to do something truly out of the ordinary. With these activities there may even be related opportunities to travel, both throughout the country and even overseas. For example, taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award often involves an overseas expedition to an exciting destination such as Nepal or Morocco.

Volunteering can also provide people with potential career opportunities. Getting experience in a number of disciplines through volunteering could have an impact on your future career path or even a career change later on in life, allowing you to see where your interests truly lie. An additional benefit to volunteering is the acquisition of qualifications; many charities offer first aid training and organisations such as the Army Cadet Force even offer training and qualifications in PR and Media as well as involvement in outdoors activities.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the ways in which volunteering can expand your horizons, but it does give you some insight on how volunteering can help with your own personal development, providing you with new experiences and skills which can keep impacting you long after you finish volunteering. Whether that’s through getting involved in your local community, taking part in activities you wouldn’t usually or even progressing your career – the benefits of volunteering are vast.


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