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The Everyday Man

Favorite Son is an online fashion retailer bringing you the most desirable brands around. Established in 2013 Favorite Son began searching high and low for the latest must-have brands, bringing them to you.  The list of labels available through Favourite Son is pretty impressive indeed with the likes of Good For Nothing Clothing, Sik Silk, Fresh Ego Kid, Dead Legacy, Sinstar and many more on their books.

Fresh Ego Kid

They may be one of the new kids on the block, but the new summer collection from Fresh Ego Kid is certainly not to be sniffed at.  A new age fashion label with a vibrant concept.  The styling is distinctly retro using bold prints across a range of vests, hoodies, snapbacks and t-shirts.  As far as colourways go they have stuck to red, blue, white and grey – pretty much all of my favourites in fact!

The Everyday Man

Sik Silk

If you follow fashion then you will have heard of Sik Silk, they blew up in 2013 and are still riding the wave of success with their recently launched 2014 collection.  The styling focuses around American sportswear with styled baseball tops at their core.

As they have grown in popularity so has the range which now includes shorts, jogging bottoms t-shirts and just about everything else in the ‘sports luxe’ spectrum.

The Everyday Man

Good For Nothing

Their logo which is a butterfly is described as a graceful middle finger to anyone who tries to out you down.  It symbolises the great that can come from an underrated beginning.

The Good For Nothing clothing range centres around printed t-shirts and hooded tops has become popular with the long list of British celebrities and footballers.

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