Wandering Florence with Ferragamo for the launch of their new men’s scent ‘UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo’

UOMO by Ferragamo

This month I had the pleasure of accepting an invitation from one of Italy’s most prestigious fashion houses, Ferragamo to attend the Florence launch of their brand new men’s fragrance ‘UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo‘.  This would be my first visit to the historic Italian city so as well as my excitement at sampling the new scent I was looking forward to exploring the heart of the city too.

To mark the launch Ferragamo had taken over the Boboli Gardens in Florence which is home to a beautiful collection of sculptures dating all the way back to the 16th century. The surroundings seemed perfectly fitting as a backdrop for the story of UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo to unfold.

The Scent of Life

So who is the modern gentleman? Ferragamo believe he is a modern man with typical Italian attitude, full of charisma, creativity and style wherever he goes.  He looks on the bright side of life and appreciates its beauty with a smile.  The new fragrance UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo embodies all of that with a sense of elegance and beauty. A real product of the Italian lifestyle.

The Fragrance

UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo is a woody creation infused with an irreverent sense of charm using unexpected ingredients of Black Pepper, Cardamom and Bergamot.  As you take it in there is a slight sense of familiarity and that would be because the heart of the scent if built around the quintessentially Italian dessert, the Tiramisu!

Cashmere Wood and Sandalwood seal the fragrance with a touch of Tonka Bean, leaving an indelible mark with enormous long-lasting qualities.

I thought that new fragrance itself is initially on the sweeter side and I would say personally that it is more of a summer scent but I guess that is down to your individual preference.  Once it settles on the skin though I really liked it as it takes on a more subtle vibe.

UOMO by Ferragamo

The Bottle Design

The bottle is a solid glass design that is unmistakably masculine and will make a strong statement on your shelf.  The historical Venna‘ Ferragamo logo, reinterpreted in black on both sides and provides a comfortable grip too.  The twist open bottleneck stops spillage without the need to a separate lid which is something that I like.  As I regular traveller I seem to lose lots of fragrance due to lids that fall off in my washbag.  It annoys me due to the waste of the often expensive product but also due to the fact that my toothbrush normally ends up doused in it which is rather unpleasant!

Wandering Florence

The morning after the UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo launch event I wok up early(ish) and set off for a walk around Florence to take in some of the many architectural, religious and cultural marvels and to sample some of the local cuisine (well the pizza and gelato anyway).

I crossed the river and made my way up the hill to the top of the Piazzale Michelangelo which was a slog in the balmy 30 degree heat but what awaited me was well worth the effort.  The unspoiled panoramic view of Florence was absolutely magnificent, I spent a while just taking it all in before continuing on my way.

Unfortunately time was not my friend and I had to head off to the airport shortly after but my brief taste of Florence with Ferragamo has definitely left me with an appetite to see more of the place, and Italy in general.



The new fragrance UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo will be available from the 24th July 2016 priced from £37 for a 3oml bottle.

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