How to find the perfect fitting suit with Remus Uomo

Remus Uomo collection hereThe Everyday man, Remus Uomo suit, lazio suit

Let’s be honest, that feeling of wearing a suit that just fits you just perfectly is unparalleled.  You look good, you feel good and that shows, it really gives you an extra shot of confidence too.  Nowadays it’s much easier to nail this look without having to spend an absolute shedload of cash on a bespoke number.

The first step when hunting for a killer suit is to take note of your built.  It sounds obvious but if you’re rather broad in the body then it’s best to avoid the super slim fit options and likewise if you are built like Peter Crouch then you want to stay away from the classic or relaxed fits.  The great news is that most of the big retailers now have a whole load of cuts available from the classic tapered fit to muscle fits.

The Everyday man, Remus Uomo suit, lazio suit

The Everyday man, Remus Uomo suit, lazio suit

The Everyday man, Remus Uomo suit, lazio suit

I recently picked up this x-slim fit navy Lazio 3 Piece suit from Remus Uomo and rather amazingly it fitted me perfectly right off the peg.  As soon as I pulled on the jacket it felt really good and I knew I had found myself a perfect match.  I realise that I was lucky and that this doesn’t happen very often but that’s not an issue as paying a visit to your local tailor or alternations shop will sort you right out.  For about 30 or 40 quid a tailor can make a few slight adjustments to a blazer that will make it look like it was made just for you.

Don’t forget to pay attention of the trousers too, even though this suit does have a bit of stretch in the fabric you still need to find the correct fit, you might be big on the top half and have skinny legs.  Most shops now sell suits as separates so you can mix and match to get a better fit for yourself.  The trousers in this X-Slim suit are cut slimmer from the knee down for a more tapered look, it looks a lot shaper and is always my preferred style.

The Everyday man, Remus Uomo suit, lazio suit

Even though it has a slight check in the fabric, the Lazio suit is a pretty classic style but with some discreet detailing like the contrast stitching that gives it the edge.  When it comes to finding yourself a complimentary pocket square and tie the addition of this extra colour detail gives you a good starting point.

It’s important to have a great fitting suit on standby in your wardrobe as you never know when an invite might drop to an event and you will have to pull it on.  This one certainly checks that box for me.

You can shop the Remus Uomo collection here.

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