Five Tips to Combine a Functional Home Office Setup with Style & Design

Image Anne Sage

Hybrid and remote working options are now part and parcel of the recruitment and day-to-day running of companies across the entire spectrum of industries.

There isn’t, however, any reason why your new home office design can’t be relaxing, comfortable, and stylish as well as functional and conducive to a productive and efficient working day.

With this in mind, here are five tips to combine a functional home office setup with style and design.

Swap Carpet for Tiling

Porcelain tiling is incredibly resistant to wear, which is perfect for the variety of furniture, not to mention a chair on wheels which is constantly rolling back and forth, and is the ideal stylish and fashionable choice for the flooring in the space.

Not only will porcelain tiles be the best way to ensure that cleaning and maintaining your new home office is simple and easy, but it will also make for an on-trend, aesthetic on which you can build your dream office.

Make the Best of the View

Another crucial element of your new home office layout is to ensure that, whatever the size or shape of your desk, you position it where you can clearly see out of the window.

Keep the windowsill as clutter-free as possible, which will serve the dual purpose of ensuring that enough natural light is able to penetrate the room (essential for your eye health) and to also maximise your view.

Avoid Tangled Wires

These days, what with the laptop, the desktop, the tablet, the smartphone, the ergonomic keyboard and the various other technological items that are required to work from home and out of the office, a home office can often end up looking a bit like a junk shop.

Tangled and messy wires are not only an eyesore, but they can also be dangerous, especially if you tend to overload the adaptor, so follow these steps for a safe and tidy tech setup:

  • Upgrade to a wireless mouse and printer
  • Sellotape any wires protruding from the wall underneath the desk
  • Invest in a wireless router
  • Use inexpensive cord tamers to keep wires flat against the wall

 Allow Extra Floor Space

The last thing you want when you sit down to begin your working day in your brand-new home office is to feel as if you’re too constricted and have virtually no room to manoeuvre.

For this reason, make sure that, regardless of how big or small the actual room is, you have enough elbow space at your desk, your chair isn’t wedged between filing cabinets, and that the office generally feels spacious.

Choose Your Desk & Chair Carefully

The fifth and final piece of advice for your home office is to spend the time to choose the right desk and office chair to suit your own individual needs, whilst still being happy with the look of both furniture items when they’re in position.

For the sake of your back, shoulders, and neck, your desk should be around a height of 70–75cm.

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