Flying Horse Jeans: The Way We Make Our Jeans

Flying Horse Jeans hail from the East, Thailand to be precise and have recently landed in London with the launch of a flagship store in London’s Newburgh Street. The founder of Flying Horse, David Rix comes with an excellent pedigree in the world of men’s fashion having previously earned his living at Ralph Lauren.

The new collection for AW13 has been christened the ‘Spirit of Indigo’ collection and centres around indigo blue, a colour synonymous with the world of jeans. Inspiration for the collection comes from the Bay of Bengal Sea, as bright ocean blues and deep-sea blacks form the basis of the colour palette.

The craft and process involved in making a pair of jeans is a long and laborious one, which if done properly produces fantastic results, Take a look at the construction process behind a pair Flying Horse Jeans in the video below…


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