Foods to eat on training day


Muscle growth, agility, concentration and endurance – a dedicated daily exercise routine gets you on the right path to achieving maximum performance, but only when this is combined with the best nutrition will you be able to unlock your body’s full kick-ass potential.

There are many diet programs out there, but the rule remains simple – match your level of exercise with a healthy intake of nutrition.

Keep this principal in mind when you read about the latest diet fads that promise the world, there are even some that promise muscle growth and flexibility without the requisite physical training. Our understanding of the body’s workings is always changing as biologists and physicians make new discoveries, but it is often the case that ‘healthy’ food claims are designed to sell you a product and are not backed by solid research. If a recommendation sounds more like a sales pitch than a tactical approach to getting you on the path to fine-tuned performance, listen to your gut and stick with what you know.

In this article we’re going to talk about what works using knowledge that is grounded in logic and experience. Here are five foods and drinks that will have you thirsty to demonstrate your stealthy moves on the matt.

Coffee, wake up and fight
Coffee eases you into your day, but it also helps ease muscle pain during and after intensive work-outs. Drink a 12 ounce cup of coffee an hour before your training and increase stamina.

Almonds, de-oxidise your workout oxidants
When we exercise, our body releases the toxins called free radicals. Almonds sport many benefits from vitamin E to high levels of antioxidants that will diffuse the excess free radicals.

Salmon, exercise upstream
Vitamin D helps build muscle and no food contains more of it than salmon. Salmon also has a very high ratio of quality protein to calorie, making it the perfect lean meat to cook up after a fight or heavy workout.

Raisins, so your muscles don’t shrivel up
Training gets you sweaty, and sweat dehydrates the body. Raisins are full of beneficial potassium which helps the body rehydrate and prevents muscle cramps.

Spinach, it worked for Popeye
Spanish is leafy iron, but we recommend you eat fresh over canned – and choose organic if you can afford to spend the difference. Non-organic spinach is drenched in pesticides, so if that’s all you can find at your supermarket just be sure to wash thoroughly.

High-octane contact sports like martial arts require a lot of repetitious muscle movement and therefore consume a lot of your body’s energy and water. Stock up on foods that build tissue, increase blood circulation and don’t forget to hydrate.

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