Fray Bentos have just launched their first ever Vegetarian Friendly Pie

Vegetarian Pie, Vegan PieI’ve got some great news if you follow a vegetarian diet, as Fray Bentos, Britain’s, best-loved pie brand have just launched their first ever vegetarian pie.

Fray Bentos have been feeding hungry students, families, and pensioners for decades now and have grown to become a kitchen cupboard saviour ever since their classic tinned steak and kidney pies were first sold on supermarket shelves in 1961.  Since then the range has grown to include chicken pies, minced beef pies, and a range of other options.

The brand new Fray Bentos Vegetable Balti pie is packed with a really tasty (I tried one last night) filling of potato, onion, red pepper, carrot, peas, and that all-important puff pastry topping.  I’m not sure why, but it had been years since I’ve had one of their pies but they are the ideal midweek comfort dinner.

Just like the rest of the range, the Vegetable Balti pie is baked in Scotland and comes in their iconic pie tin, which means all that you have to do it remove the lid (make sure you have a heavy-duty tin opener for this bit) and bung it into the oven for 25 minutes and you’re good to go.  My favourite part, aside from the tasty pie itself is the fact that you have no washing up of a crusty pie dish afterwards.  Just give this a rinse and pop it in the recycling.

As I said above, I made myself one for tea last night and was pleasantly surprised by both the taste and the generous amount of filling.  There’s nothing worse (for me) than a pie that is all gravy and no action but this had a great blend of thick sauce (that wasn’t too spicy) and plenty of veg too.  Winner, winner, veg pie dinner!

Meat lovers don’t have to worry either as they have no plans to ditch their other pies, they are just meeting the ever-growing customer demand for vegetarian and vegan-friendly products.

The best part is that they are only a quid at the moment in Morrisons! Bargain!


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