Gatorade’s New Wearable Gx Sweat Patch Will Measure Your Sweat and Hydration Levels

Gatorade GX Sweat Patch

Wearable tech just amazes me. We are already in a position where smartwatches measure our heart rates, calories burnt, steps, sleep oxygen all while playing our favourite music via Spotify and delivering us our emails. It’s pretty cool, but where does wearable tech go from here?

Well, Gatorade have just unveiled their newest piece of technology which makes use of the brands 30 plus years of research and innovate into hydration to allow users to measure their sweat rate, fluid loss and sodium loss from each workout.

Gatorade GX Sweat Patch

The Gatorade Gx Patch is designed to be worn on your left inner foreman during your most intense workouts. After working out, the user can scan the patch with their smartphone to receive a detailed set of insights on their fluid loss as well as recommendations for specific types of workouts and other tips for the most efficianet hydration.

The only downside (for me) is that the patches are single-use. In a time where sustainability is a big buzz word, it would be great to see the Gx technology evolve to become reusable.

The single-use patches are currently available from the Gatorade online store in the US priced at $25 for a pack of 2. In order to use them, users need to download the free Gx app from the app store.

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