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The Everyday Man

I’m pretty lucky that I have quite good skin and I’ve always made a point of taking care of it, or so I thought.  Recently though, I had my eyes opened after I popped along to Gentlemen’s Tonic in Mayfair for a facial.

I had booked in for an anti-ageing facial but after analysing my skin, my therapist Maria came up with a bespoke treatment (the sign of a great therapist) that would better meet my needs.  She closely analysed my skin and determined that my skin was quite dry.  This shocked me quite a bit as I had always used a very thick moisturiser in abundance each day.  When Maria was asking me about my routine I confessed to using exfoliator’s pretty much every day.  I could tell right away by the tone of her voice how bad they were for my skin and realised that this was the number one contributing factor to my dry skin – the daily scrubs were stripping my face of moisture.  I’d always known that these shouldn’t be used this frequently but had got so addicted to that ‘clean’ sensation so I did anyway.

The Everyday Man

The Everyday Man

The treatment itself started with my face being cleansed with their Hydro Fresh Cream Cleanser before an Active Anti-oxidant peel was applied.  Following those, Maria used a thirst-quenching mask to hydrate my skin again along with the Gentlemen’s Tonic Revitalising Eye Cream, Time Control Solution and Power Packed Moisturiser to finish.  I know it can often feel a bit of a hard sell at the culmination of treatment as the therapist brings out the selection of recommended products for you to buy but this time I was really keen to take some home.  I felt like I understood the products and why they would help my skin.

It’s been a couple of months now since that treatment and I’ve been following Maria’s advice religiously.  I’ve decreased my use of a scrub to only once a week and have been using eye cream daily (something that I only ever used on and off previously).  My skin genuinely feels (and looks) much better than it has in ages, I really can’t believe it’s been just a couple of months as I’ve seen a real marked difference.

To book in for a treatment or to brown the Gentlemen’s Tonic range visit their website.

Gentlemen’s Tonic, 31a Brunton Place, Mayfair


  1. BeautyandTheBoy

    I guess she had the same reaction i did haha! im the same as you i love the clean feeling of skin, i am using Pixi Glow Tonic just now which is amazing its an AHA (Glycolic Acid) so im getting good exfoliation though chemical instead of physical exfoliation its amazing

    • Since I stopped using scrubs so much my skin feels just as clean with the face wash that I’m using. I just use a scrub once a week as a wee boost

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