Get Ready to Dance: Confidence Man Unleashes ‘Firebreak’, a High-Energy Anthem

Just when we thought Aussie pop/dance act, Confidence Man, couldn’t set the dance floor end-to-end aflame any more than they already have—they’ve gone and done it. Yes, you heard it right! Fresh from their mainstage performance at Homobloc last weekend, their brand spanking new track, ‘Firebreak’, is out, and let me tell you, it is a stonking good time guaranteed to get your feet shuffling and your heart racing. 

I’m not one to shy away from a bouncy tune or a catchy beat, and it seems Confidence Man isn’t either. With ‘Firebreak’, they’ve taken their already effervescent blend of electro pop and dance music and cranked it up a notch—or maybe even several. In fact, this track is so blisteringly infectious, it’s harder to sit still than to dance!

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the trio of sparklers that make up this track: 

  1. Reggie and Clarence (the Confidence Man DJ’s) take centre stage on this one.
  2. The searingly kaleidoscopic synths and beats, unfurling in a vibrant tapestry of sound.
  3. And the irresistible, indomitable spirit of the track that seems to whisper, nay, holler: ‘Let’s dance!’.

You can stream and download Confidence Man’s new track ‘Firebreak’ on all of the usual platforms now!

Pro tip: If you’re not up and grooving by the end of the first spin, then my friend, you might need to check if you’ve still got a pulse.

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