Getting an Electric Car: What to Know

person holding car electric charger

As driving technology advances rapidly, it’s having an effect on all aspects of the road, especially when it comes to the type of cars that we are driving. Today, electric cars have become more and more popular, and lots of people now prefer them over traditional combustion engine cars as they are kinder to the environment and cheaper to run. If you’ve noticed more and more electric cars on the road, then you might be thinking about investing in one of your own. Here are some of the main things to consider before you do.

Buy or Lease?

Electric cars are still fairly new, so there are not as many second-hand options available compared to traditional petrol and diesel engine cars, and they can be quite expensive to buy. On the other hand, electric car leasing is a growing popular option that allows you to pay monthly for an electric car that you can swap for a newer model every few years. Some leasing deals also include things like insurance with just one handy payment to make each month. You can read more at LV Electrix.  

Battery Life

Before buying or leasing an electric car, the battery life is one of the main aspects to consider. Before choosing a car, find out more about its battery range and charging times to ensure that it will fit into your lifestyle. It’s not uncommon for many new electric car owners to have range anxiety, where you worry a lot about the possibility of running out of charge before you can get to a charger. Understanding the battery range, or how many miles you can do in your car before you have to recharge the battery, can help with managing this.

Charging Your EV

Before you commit to buying or leasing an electric car, it’s worth considering how you are going to charge it. You have two main options to choose from – charging on the road or charging at home. If you want the convenience of charging at home, then you’ll need to pay to have a suitable charger installed, and you will usually need off-road parking. On the other hand, charging on the road is also convenient as there are various chargers available in supermarket car parks or at petrol stations that you can use for a small fee.

Car Maintenance

Just like when buying any car, you will need to think about maintenance for your electric vehicle. The good news is that for the most part, electric cars do not require as much maintenance as traditional combustion engine cars since they have fewer moving parts and do not need things like oil or spark plug changes. However, you will need to ensure that the battery is well-maintained and depending on the age of your car, that it has an MOT each year by an electric car specialist.

With electric cars now firmly the future of the roads and more of them available, you might be thinking about buying or leasing one. But before you make this big step, keep these key factors in mind to prepare for life as an EV driver.

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