Getting the Most out of Your Weekend Cycle


It’s dawn. You’re on your bike. The city is not yet awake and you have a full day of cycling adventure ahead (not to mention the satisfaction of knowing you’re getting a workout while others are still having their Sunday sleep-in). Here’s how to get the most from that workout.

Set a Goal

First, you have to ask yourself: “What does my best cycling workout look like?” That’s your best workout – not Cadel Evans’! How do you want to feel? What do you want to achieve? And don’t just set physical goals; what thoughts do you want to be having? Be clear about what you’re aiming for so you can enjoy it when you achieve it.

Have the Right Gear

To get the most out of your cycling workout, you need to have the proper gear for that workout. Ever find yourself avoiding a ride or not pushing yourself as hard because your clothes are uncomfortable or your saddle doesn’t feel quite right or you’re worried you’ll get lost if you go too far from home? These are legitimate problems that are holding you back. Luckily, buying clothes that are specifically designed for the type of cycling you’re doing, finding the perfect seat for your body, and choosing a great GPS easily solves them.

Investing in your workout by buying the right gear will not only make your cycle more enjoyable and your workout more effective; it also seals the intention and is your way of saying “I’m taking my cycling seriously now.” Click here to see the variety of cycling accessories that are available from specialty stores like 99 Bikes.

Go Somewhere with a Scenic View

What could be more inspiring than exercising where the air is fresh and the view is scenic? And what better way to make you workout count than with a hill climb! For cyclists, hill climbs are the ultimate mental and physical workout. Your legs burn. Your heart races. Your lungs gasp for air. But it’s this challenge that creates the change you’re looking for.

The high-intensity nature of hill climbs results in a phenomenon called muscle hypertrophy, where the cells of a muscle enlarge and gain strength. Hill climbs also tear the myofibres in your muscles, which isn’t as scary as it sounds because this is what needs to happen for the muscles to repair in a stronger way.

Ride for a Cause

The best workout is one that exercises your spirit as well as your soul. Why not make your weekend rides count by working towards a charity fundraiser ride? Charity fundraiser cycles and triathlons run in most cities and can be a great way to meet your personal goals while also contributing to the community.

To get the best workout from your weekend cycle, you need to work not only your body but your mind and spirit as well. You need to consider your needs, dedicate yourself to your practice by investing in your bike, challenge yourself, and motivate yourself in whatever way works best for you. Share your own exercise tips in the comments below.


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