Glenfiddich ‘The Experimental Series’

Glenfiddich Experimental Series

Not content with being the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Whisky, Glenfiddich have just unveiled a new ‘Experimental Series’. The new project is designed to inspire unusual and unexpected variants and the first two products of the process are Project XX and the IPA Experiment.

Last month I headed north to Dufftown (the home of Glenfiddich whisky) for a look at the brands history as well as the process used to create these new products. While traditionalists may shiver at the though of this process they need worry not as the classic malt variants will always be available just the way that they like them. For the mavericks among us however who want to try something new then the excitement of the Experimental Series is bound to appeal.

Project XX

Glenfiddich Experimental Series

Project XX (or twenty as it’s pronounced) has been the result of Glenfiddich’s 20 global whisky ambassadors and their Malt Master, Brian Kinsman coming together to create one rather extraordinary blend of 20 very special single malts. The Glenfiddich ambassadors are of course well-versed in the vast history of the company and of course whisky in general so were the perfect candidates to each select a cask from the warehouse at the distillery in Dufftown.

The freedom set upon the 20 experts resulted in some of the more unusual whiskies from the rich stocks that have been carefully nurtured over the course of the 130-year history being selected and married together in a small batch to create the finished Project XX product.

I was given a sneaky taste of the new whisky before it was publicly unveiled and personally could pick up the warm fruity notes with a bit of spice which was not too far from the description provided by the Malt Master so I was quite pleased with my taste buds on this occasion.

The IPA Experiment

For the second new whisky on the Experimental Series, Glenfiddich teamed up with a local craft brewer called Seb Jones who shares a passion for innovative flavours. Although not available as a stand-alone product they worked together initially to create a zesty IPA, which in turn was used to flavour the American oak casks used to season the whisky. The result was The IPA Experiment whisky.

Although they were both very distinctive tastes in their own right I preferred the IPA Experiment of the two. You can try them now too as both products are available now.

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