The ‘Gola Made in England 1905’ collection

Gola Red Made in England

Gola are one of those sports brands that everyone knows.  They have been ‘kicking about’…excuse the pun…since 1905.  In other words they know their stuff, you don’t last 108 years otherwise.  The brands heyday was back in the 70’s when sportswear became fashionable in Britain for the first time.  Trainers and tracksuits had previously been uniform only worn on the running track but were now an important part of everyday clobber.

As you are aware this year everyone went retro daft, in particular trainer daft so it was only natural that Gola enjoyed a bit of a renaissance.  The Gola 1905 collection celebrates the brands proud British history with a new range of retro footwear.  The Pacer and Flyer styles have been redesigned in a range of bright and classic colours.  I think my favourites are the red and black Pacers shown above which are priced at reasonable £75.


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