GU Energy Performance Chomps & Gels

Gu Energy Chomps & Gels

With my trip to Ibiza looming ever nearer I have recently been ramping up my gym hype in a last-minute attempt to tone up a little.  Sometimes however finding the energy to complete a gruelling workout if a mission in itself and I often find the holiday motivation is not quite enough to spur me on.

I was recently sent a bundle of products from GU Energy to put to the test .  With my recent dwindling motivation at the gym I decided it was the perfect time to give them a try.  The products consisted of various flavoured gel’s and chomps.

I gave the gel’s a go to start with and initially really struggled with the consistency.  The are pretty gloopy but they do come in a range of flavours so if you find one you like it helps a lot.  Besides the age old ritual states that stuff that’s good for you does not always go down the hatch too easily.  The gel’s include a list of essentials to keep you going and give you that little bit extra depth when in the midst of a workout.  They contain caffeine, carbs, and amino acids.

GU Energy Gels & Chomps

My favourite item in the GU range has to be the Chomps. They are far easily to swallow and come in handy sized sweetie like servings meaning no matter what your sport you can take one on board.  They contain amino acids, vitamins c & e and electrolytes.  Over an hour-long workout about 4 chomps should be consumed, this keeps you topped up and ready to fight on.

Previously I have taken pre-workout drinks which are good in their own right however GU chomps and gels are handy for taking at anytime throughout a workout.


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