Guide to Men’s Nightwear

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Right there’s only a few weeks until Christmas and I can guarantee that I will receive at least one hideous pair of pyjamas among my gifts.  The annual culprit shall remain nameless, but just in case they happen to be reading this…please not again this year.

What kind of nightwear is acceptable for guys though?  What options are there?  You only have to have a browse on a designer underwear store like UnderU to see that we now have plenty of sleepwear options to choose from.  Just as underwear evolved from the baggy yfront so has nightwear…thankfully.

Lounge Pants

Lounge pants have become pretty popular in recent years with brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren producing some which are an extension of their underwear ranges.  You can go traditional and grab a chequered pair or play it safe with a colour block.  Personally I wouldn’t fancy actually sleeping in a pair of trousers but when it comes to lounging around the house these are perfect.

The Onesie

Onesies have exploded onto the scene in recent years and remain a popular item this winter.  As cosy and warm and amazing as they might be, can you actually imagine sleeping in one?  I reckon I would wake up feeling like I was being suffocated, either that or dripping with sweat.


If the sales figures are anything to go by then traditional pyjamas are making a comeback.  The whole matching set idea is a little off-putting for me but hey whatever floats your boat, this is all about comfort and personal choice after all.

House Shorts

These are my personal favourites.  Not for sleeping but for keeping at my bedside ready to through on when required.  Think nipping to the car or answering the door type of things.  These days there are some amazing options in the stores, many of them are actually nicer than outdoor shorts!


Probably the most common choice for men everywhere.  I am guessing by now you know which type of underwear works best for you in terms of comfort – be it briefs, loose boxers, boxer briefs or something a little more risqué.  If you are comfortable wearing these during the day the chances are they will be just as comfortable to wear through the wee small hours.

Au Naturale

Letting it all hang out is can be a pretty liberating feeling.  Putting the theory to practise and sleeping in the buff is maybe better is you have someone in there with you to spoon the life out of, if you are not so lucky it may get a little nippy!

There you have it, plenty of options for you to try out and decide which works best for you. Don’t forget to pay a visit to UnderU for a great range of men’s sleepwear.  Sweet dreams.


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