Gymbox, Covent Garden

Gymbox Covent Garden

I would like to consider myself someone who truly enjoys the gym. I go most days and spend a good couple of hours training pretty hard. Recently though, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly unimpressed with my current gym. The only thing that drives me at the minute is the thought of being on a beach somewhere over the summer and not looking like an extra from the Shamu show. I’ve done the rounds now on the fitness clubs available in my area and I have to say they’re all pretty much the same scene. Four walls, countless treadmills and weights racked in the completely wrong order. Am I asking too much for a more exciting place to train?

I was fortunate enough to drop into Gymbox in Covent Garden recently to see how they think a gym should be and I have to admit, it was pretty great. Built in an old cinema and set over a number of levels, Gymbox provides its members with everything they would need to keep fit, motivated and interested. Perfect for both guys and ladies alike, there are several studios with a whole host of classes, a boxing ring perfect for sparing, a variety of punch bags (ideal after a stressful day at the office) and a huge selection of free weights. They also have all the latest CV equipment if you prefer to jump onto the treadmill or bike instead and catch up with last nights Coronation street… Once you’ve finished your workout, you can relax in the dry sauna provided in the changing rooms and enjoy a minty fresh shower before carrying on with your day.

What excited me most about Gymbox was the fact that during their peak hours, they have a resident DJ. No longer do you have to listen to the same awful songs on loop or get tangled up in your headphones as you try to push out your last and most difficult rep. I only caught a glimpse of the set as I had to run to catch a train but I could tell that it would have been a great motivator.

Gymbox currently have 5 sites: Bank, Holburn, Farringdon, Westfield London and of course Covent Garden. If you’re on the hunt for a new gym then be sure to book yourself onto a tour of any of the above and check them out for yourself.


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