Hamilton and Hare have just launched a new sustainable sleepwear range

The Everyday ManIf I’m honest I’m not really much of a pyjama man normally but with the colder seasons coming in fast, it’s nice to have something cosy to throw on when I jump out of bed or when kicking back on the couch whilst watching a Sunday night movie.

Hamilton and Hare, the specialists in luxurious underwear for men who are stocked by the likes of Mr Porter have just launched a brand-new range that I think fits that bill perfectly for their new Eucalyptus Sleep collection is a very modern take on sleepwear and is sustainable too!  Eucalyptus trees use 20 times less water than cotton plants and can thrive on less fertile land.

The Everyday Man The Everyday ManComprising of a short-sleeved henley top and jersey sleep shorts this set couldn’t be further away of the vision of PJ’s that I have whenever someone mentions that word.  The fantastic thing about them though if that the fabric is made from an innovative blend of cotton and lyocell, a nanofibre made from Eucalyptus tree wood pulp that is sustainable and softer that silk.  I managed to get my hands on a sample pair last week and they really are the softest things that I have in my wardrobe.  Not only are they soft, they are also breathable and moisture wicking which prevents bacteria from growing.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional than a pair of sleep shorts, then fear not as they also offer a full length trouser too, so they have all the bases covered.

The new Eucalyptus sleep range are sold separately and priced from £75 each.


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